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Creative Works

Dive into my world where creativity and analytics merge, creating stories that not only resonate but also drive results.

Branded Performance Campaigns

Leveraging Dotdash Meredith's powerful brand reach, I crafted profitable social media campaigns for external stakeholders and companies.

Email and Onsite Subscription Promotions

From crafting compelling promotional language onsite to driving the messaging strategy through email, I infuse fun and effectiveness into every project.

Social Media 

Want to halt the endless scroll? I excel at collaborating with designers to create captivating content that grabs customers' attention. Here's a glimpse at some of our standout projects.

Apple News+

I spearhead the editorial strategy for over 20 iconic magazine brands. My role involves a blend of performance analysis and e-commerce metrics to refine our approach on Apple News. I also manage the collaboration between DDM brands and Apple News+, ensuring our content is both engaging and strategically aligned with promotional efforts.

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