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about me abridged

Give me a cup of coffee and there's nothing I can't do. I'm creating work to connect people with the answers they need through memorable content. 

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This is where we say "hello"

Or as I'm used to, "good morning!" For a year and a half, I've helped thousands of people across eastern Iowa wake up to what's happening today. From 4:30 through 7 a.m., I've ensured people tuning into KCRG TV9 had the latest local and national headlines, a forecast to plan their day around and an extra tidbit to bring to the work water cooler.


There's a lot to see here, so poke around. View my recent producing and reporting work for both television and print. See my full resume and reference list under the contact tab. I've got a few passion projects you can also check out (and possibly take back to your kitchen) as well.


--Cliff Brockman, Wartburg College journalism professor

Jeanne is an incredibly organized individual. She successfully juggled her duties as student TV news director and producer, newspaper editor and reporter and magazine editor at Wartburg. As a former professional TV producer and news director, I know what it takes, and Jeanne has it!
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